Wrigley's Story


The Loftin family was first introduced to Aquamation after the passing of their beloved Wheaten Terrier, Wrigley. They considered several options for after-life care. At first, home burial seemed like the most ceremonious option, but like most families, the Loftins couldn't bear the thought of leaving Wrigley behind if they decided to move. So it seemed like traditional cremation was the best option.

Then, by chance, a friend introduced the Loftins to Aquamation. It wasn't a process they were familiar with, but after extensive research, cremation by water seemed like a more humane way to honor Wrigley. Suddenly, it became clear to the family that Pet Aquamation was the gentlest and most loving choice to complete Wrigley's journey. Not only is Aquamation a kinder choice for cremation, it is also environmentally friendly.

Much like themselves, most of the Loftins' community have no idea that there were two cremation options: fire and water. But, once learning that there was a kinder alternative to flame-based cremation for their beloved pets, many friends and family expressed interest in Aquamation. So, in honor of Wrigley, the Loftins founded Soothing Streams. Now, their concierge Aquamation and transportation service provides respectful after-life care to pets all over Lawrenceville, GA.