Soothing Streams Pet Services is honored to be entrusted with the after-life pet care for families in and around the Lawrenceville, GA area.

Our Mission

At Soothing Streams, our mission is to offer a compassionate and dignified alternative to traditional pet cremation methods. We understand the deep bond between pet owners and their beloved companions, and our goal is to provide peace of mind during times of grief.

Gentle and Natural, Soothing Streams is proud to offer premium Aquamation services, pet cremation by water, as an option for honoring your pet's memory. Aquamation ensures a peaceful transformation without the use of fire or direct heat, providing a serene and eco-friendly process that aligns with our commitment to both pets and the environment.

Soothing Streams is dedicated to serving pet parents in and around Metro Atlanta's 20+ Counties. We work to try and offer an understanding throughout the journey of saying goodbye to your cherished pet.


We all strive to do right by our pets throughout their short lives. At Soothing Streams, we believe that the same principle should apply to after-life pet care. Once a beloved companion crosses the Rainbow Bridge, pet parents are presented with two options regarding their physical remains: burial or cremation.

Pet burial at home is an affordable solution to after-life pet care. However, it does pose a dire challenge: What do you do when you move? With cremains, your pet who was always by your side as a shadow can continue to be so for the rest of your days.

Many pet owners choose to cremate and commemorate their pet's life with a beautiful memorial shrine and urn in their home. However, most pet owners don't know there are two pet cremation options: traditional cremation by incineration and water cremation. Aquamation, or water cremation, is a natural and humane alternative to flame cremation.

Pet Aquamation gently speeds up the natural decomposition process through an eco-friendly solution called alkaline hydrolysis. Once the Aquamation is complete, the skeletal remains are turned to angelic dust. A humane choice for your pet, Aquamation allows pet parents to complete their animal's journey in life with love and compassion by choosing water cremation.