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We offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional pet cremation services. Simply inform your veterinarian of your preference for Soothing Streams, then call us at 404-482-1441.

In-Home Euthanasia
In-Home Euthanasia is not included in the pricing below. To discuss pricing and other specifics regarding In-Home Euthanasia,
please give us a call.

Cremation Packages & Pricing

No Upselling. No Unnecessary Cost.
Free Urn

*Prices Subject to Change*

Weight Range (lbs.)PriceWooden Photo Urn
0-2 lbs$185.00*Complimentary
3-8 lbs$229.00*Complimentary
9-13 lbs$239.00*Complimentary
14-19 lbs$249.00*Complimentary
20-25 lbs$259.00*Complimentary
26-30 lbs$269.00*Complimentary
31-40 lbs$279.00*Complimentary
41-50 lbs$289.00*Complimentary
51-60 lbs$299.00*Complimentary
61-70 lbs$315.00*Complimentary
71-80 lbs$330.00*Complimentary
81-90 lbs$345.00*Complimentary
91-100 lbs$360.00*Complimentary
101-125 lbs$375.00*Complimentary
126-150 lbs$400.00*Complimentary
151 lbs+$435.00*Complimentary


Communal Cremation Pricing (No Ashes Return)


Weight Range (lbs.)Price
0-2 lbsFREE
3-15 lbs$149
16-35 lbs$169
36-69 lbs$189
70-99 lbs$199
100-120 lbs$229
121-130 lbs$249
131-150 lbs$259
151+ lbs$279

Additional Transportation Fees that may apply

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(8am - 6pm) 

Monday - Friday 

(After 6pm) 

Weekends and Holidays 

 Call for Pricing
Federal Holidays 

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*For your convenience, after the cremation process for your cherished pet is completed, Soothing Streams can dispatch your beloved pet's ashes to your doorstep. Charges may vary.